Mobile VR Storytelling (Dutch):

Over Grenzen

In a cooperative effort between the Crossmedia department of Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant and students of the University of the Arts Utrecht, a mobile-first panoramic storytelling experiment was done. In three emotional and explicit stories of women sharing their experiences with someone else, or they themselves, crossing their personal and physical boundaries. To accompany these complex reflections on true stories, a new media format was developped. The illustrations are all around the listener, and acts as a visualisation of the inner imagination. 
It is accessible on mobile, desktop and VR.

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This project is realised in a collaborative effort between the following people:

Martijn Erens (developer, UX design)
Simone Eleveld (Production, interview)
Kustaw Bessems (Editor-in-chief)
Dirk Jan Nieuwboer (Editor-in-chief
Laura Hiskens (Research, interview, editing)
Hannah van Twillert (Research, Editing)
Thomas Foster (Sound design)
Floris Versteeg (Graphic design, UX design)
Tijmen Snelderwaard (Art direction, Illustration)